The SMART Groups are a diverse group of UA experts that can be called upon to resolve industrial research and development challenges within five main areas of expertise.


Chemistry, Biology, Physics


Nanomaterials, Polymers, Semiconductors, Ionic Liquids


Product Design, Visualization, Graphics


Prototype Development, Alternative Energy, Therapeutics


Information Systems, Circuit Design and Control Systems, Media Storage

SMART Groups use collaborative development to offer three main services.


The innovation service is the basic service of the SMART Groups. SMART Groups team members are paired with a specific industry problem that is posed to the group. The team proposes a solution to the problem in the form of a report. Each team is carefully chosen and their areas of expertise overlap with the industry need.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept combines problem solving with basic laboratory services. SMART Groups team members are carefully chosen and expertise is matched with industry need to develop a solution to a problem posed to the group. This solution is then tested in the lab to increase the chance of success.


The scale-up service leverages the maximum resources from the SMART Groups. A collaborative development project is launched to solve a problem posed by industry. This tier of service is used to develop technologies beyond the lab and offers the highest chance of success.

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