AIME Centers

AIME is comprised of a variety of technology R&D and deployment centers addressing crucial manufacturing thrusts, including:

  • Information technology
  • Operations research and analysis
  • Product, process, and equipment design
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing
  • Product and materials processing
  • Information dissemination and training

 Research and Development Centers

 Deployment Centers

  • Academic Outreach/Distance Education
    Upholds the UA tradition of educational quality to students around the globe and provides technical support for the research and service activities of AIME.
    Director: Dr. Rebecca Pow
  • Alabama Productivity Center
    A nonprofit organization at the University of Alabama that works to improve Alabama companies' quality, productivity, and competitiveness through the use of the University's research and educational resources.
    Director: David Miller
  • Alabama Technology Network
    A primary source for serving the needs of Alabama industry using a cooperative network of business, education, and government.
    Director: David Miller